Essentia's Relax Program  =  Less stress.  More peace. 

Relax from the impacts of your daily stresses. This 3 month program combines a series of holistic approaches and self-care to help you build your resilience and feel more at peace.  You will experience a combination and schedule of services that are geared to counter the physiological response your body has as a result of situational or chronic, low level stress that most of us experience in today's society.

When you experience stress, your autonomic nervous system is triggered setting off a whole instantaneous chain reaction of "fight or flight" hormonal and physiological responses within your body.   Chronic or ongoing stress then leaves this system taxed and can contribute to a whole host of health and emotional issues. 

The key to help counter balance this impact is to produce the relaxation or "rest and digest" response from your autonomic nervous system often and then train your body to do so easily. Essentia Relax assists you and your body in experiencing that state of deep relaxation to allow your body to repair and restore.  But change doesn't happen in one 60 minute appointment.  It takes a commitment to transform your well-being. 

Are you ready to commit to a healthy balance of deep relaxation?  Are you craving that sense of peace?  Begin the the Essentia Relax Program now and be well on your way to less stress and more peace.

 Our Essentia Relax Program is customized to your needs including:

Private Yoga and Meditation

widely accepted and proven to reduce stress hormone levels including cortisol and strengthen the body's relaxation response.  


clinically proven to have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, including lowering heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. 

Auricular Acupuncture

stimulates points in the ear including the autonomic point to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation and the shen men point to reduce anxiety, amongst others. 

Alexander Technique

a highly researched and effective approach to retrain your neuromuscular system to release the stress held as muscular tension and feel the freedom again within your body.

Nutrition Coaching

Fueling your body with the right nutrition begins with identifying and tackling the sources of toxicity, imbalances in your gut, food intolerances, emotional eating, and other factors that rob you of the energy you deserve.

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Relax Program Benefits:

- 3 month program including services valued at over $1290 to help you experience less stress and more peace

- 30-minute assessment and monthly check-ins

- 20% off all additional services for 90 days 

- One complimentary holistic service for a friend or family member