InnerWork Sessions

InnerWork sessions are private coaching with our practitioners that work with you on integrated, sustainable strategies and approaches to transform your inner well-being from the inside out.


Soul Coaching


Spiritual mentoring is a series of coaching sessions designed to help you get in touch with your deepest, inner wisdom so that you may accelerate your personal growth, unleash your dreams and find meaning in your life’s circumstances from a higher perspective.   

The core of our mentoring approach is to unlock your purest potential and inherent gifts through identifying patterns in your thoughts and experiences that have the potential to be shifted to better serve you.  This allows you to move forward consciously, making decisions and choosing the life that you want to manifest in line with your highest good.  The result is a deep sense of empowerment, fulfillment and peace within that you can tap into at any time.        

3 Session Series $390/6 Session Series $540

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Private Meditation


Our private meditation sessions are designed specifically for your goals and individual needs. You will not only learn the various techniques that can be used to meditate but also release stress, learn to focus, unravel unhealthy thought patterns, explore your creativity and calm the mind.  

$75/Single Session, $420/6 Session Package, $780/12 Session Package

Private Yoga


Our private yoga lessons focus on helping you reach your personal goals, build a solid foundation to begin a yoga practice, or offer flexibility for you to get your yoga scheduled to meet your needs. 

$75/Single Session, $420/6 Session Package, $780/12 Session Package