Group Classes

Our private and small group classes bring greater awareness, get your body and energy balanced and into flow or build your skills along with other like-minded seekers.   Choose from mindfulness based practices such as yoga, Qigong or meditation.  Contact us to set up your one-on-one or small group class!

Purely Yoga

Purely Yoga is a traditional class that focuses on balance, meditation, and breath work moving through the traditional hatha yoga poses. There is a focus on bringing awareness to the present moment where each posture is held for a slightly longer period of time. The result: pure bliss!

Unity Yoga

Unity Yoga is a dynamic vinyasa class that consists of a series of sequenced flows of various postures. It focuses on connecting the breath with the movement to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina and calm the mind. The result: inner unity!

Basically Yoga

Basically Yoga is a series of wonderful, beginner-friendly classes that covers all the basics! It’s also a fantastic option for those who are looking to brush up. Get an in-depth knowledge of all of the poses from downward dog to warrior, building your practice from the basics up. The result: basically in love with yoga!

Vitality Qigong

Vitality Qigong is an ancient Chinese medical practice, designed to increase vitality, reduce stress, and heal energy blockages in the body. It is fluid, meditative movement, and it’s fun! We also learn a tai chi form in class. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. The result: more vitality!

Quietly Meditation

Experience the power of meditating within a group. Join us as we explore together a new meditation technique each month in order to help achieve a greater sense of awareness, relaxation, inner wisdom, insight, creativity, and more. The basic objective is to be present and aware so that we can experience the profound feeling of just being. All experience levels welcome! The result: quiet mind and open heart!