Essentia Holistic Center, LLC is a holistic healing center and studio in West Chester-Liberty Township, Ohio. Our team of certified holistic practitioners work with you to elevate your well-being - mind, body & soul.


Elizabeth Ming, Founder, Reiki Therapist

Meg McCann, Alexander Teacher & CranioSacral Therapist

Leslie Dworkin, Licensed Massage Therapist, Trager Bodywork Therapist, Qigong/Tai Chi Instructor

Polly Collins, Auricular Acupuncturist


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Elizabeth Ming, Founder, Certified Reiki Therapist

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Elizabeth is the Owner of Essentia Holistic Center, LLC.  She is a Certified Reiki practitioner and Meditation Instructor specializing in stress relief and energy restoration for caregivers and working professionals. 

Before opening Essentia, Elizabeth was a marketing and communications professional for over 15 years in healthcare and consumer products at P&G and J&J.  During her career, she worked with many nationally renowned physicians, medical associations, wellness experts and celebrities.  After meeting such inspiring wellness luminaries such as Jillian Michaels and Dr. Oz, she began to seek out alternative healing modalities to help reverse the emerging physical and emotional impact of stress associated with a demanding career.

A few years later, Elizabeth's son Daxton was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after birth and she was also diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in the same year.  Elizabeth then began to dive even deeper into studies and exploration of the interaction between the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.   These studies and the help of several holistic practitioners have transformed her personal well-being.

Her vision for Essentia is to create a safe space for clients to heal, elevate and transform their well-being on many levels with the assistance of a team of authentic and intuitive experts.  

Meg McCann, Alexander Teacher & CranioSacral Therapist

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Meg uses the Alexander Technique to help others undo the negative impacts of muscular tension after gaining great personal benefit from it herself. She’s able to bring ease to the student through the release of unconscious holding in the body. Frequently this ease will enable a reduction of pain, be it back, neck, joint or other physical presentation. Others find the release of tension enhances their functioning in sports, dance or musical performance.

Beginning her career as an ICU nurse, the physical strain of working with patients and being on her feet for 12 hours a day was something that required daily management. After obtaining an MBA, Meg worked as a Finance Manager at P&G where her hours were spent sitting (frequently in front of a computer) for most of her work hours. Both careers are known to have significantly negative impacts on the body. Through Alexander Technique she learned how to be more aware of her body’s needs and to maintain healthy, pain-free living.

Meg lives in the Cincinnati area where she serves as Chair for the Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Sciences Board of Trustees. Meg believes that personal growth, learning and compassion are key for the society as a whole.

Polly Collins, RN, LMT, Auricular Acupuncturist


Polly is a graduate of the Ohio State University School of Nursing in 1979. She has practiced in a variety of settings including ICU, cardiac step-down, community health and pediatrics. With an awareness of the positive effects complementary therapies can have on healing, she pursued a degree from SHI school of medical massage, with the sole purpose of using touch to facilitate health and healing. She incorporates many healing modalities into her massage and body work. Some of her areas of expertise include: Cranio-Sacral through the Upledger Institute, TMJ work, Pregnancy Therapies, Reflexology and Auricular Acupuncture. Polly recently completed the Integrative Health and Lifestyle course through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. 

As the mother of four daughters, she understands the need to strive for balance in one’s life. She enjoys exercising..dancing ..and a great laugh!

Leslie Dworkin, LMT, Integrative Bodywork Practitioner, Qigong Instructor

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Leslie is a licensed medical massage practitioner and integrative bodywork practitioner who blends a variety of modalities with skillful, intuitive touch that promote deep awareness, relaxation, healing, and a reduction of stress and pain. Leslie brings twenty-five years of embodied experience as a professional dance artist and educator to her practice, and credits the longevity of her career to both the power of healthy movement exploration, and skillful therapeutic touch.

A lifelong learner, she is dedicated to deepening her own skills, and to providing a supportive environment for her clients’ greater health and wellness. She is interested in the constant interplay between the body, mind, and emotions and honors the powerful role that bodywork can play in balancing these aspects of our lives.

Leslie is a Lee Holden certified Qigong instructor, a certified Yoga instructor, has a Masters in Fine Arts, and has been performing and teaching internationally since 1998. Her sessions include Swedish and therapeutic massage, Table Thai Yoga Massage, and the Trager Approach.